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Spring 2024 Registration



Keeping baseball FUN, especially in the early stages of youth baseball-is a primary concern of Milford Junior Major League’s Cal Ripken Division (ages 2-12). Ages are calculated as of May 1, 2022. Cal Ripken is made of the following divisions:

Born to Play / T-Ball (Ages 2-4)
One Hour Weekly Clinic to Introduce Baseball to Future Stars.

Coach Pitch (Ages 4-6)
We have recently added this additional division to provide 4 & 5-year-old players an opportunity to play longer games with smaller rosters, while having the opportunity to experience coach pitch ahead of most area leagues.

Rookie / Coach Pitch (Ages 7-8)
Where the Cal Ripken program begins to make a difference by allowing our players to develop proper hitting techniques.

Minor (Ages 8-10)
Players begin to pitch for the first time while learning situational skills to prepare for the next level. Our minors’ program is planned as a progression to the new rule’s players will experience at the next level.

Major (Ages 10-12)
7 Inning Baseball Games on the transitional 50' 70' Diamond played under real baseball rules. Players learn to lead, steal and hold runners on in advance of their progression to the MLB size field.